Set in the most spectacular mountain location in New England, the Jordan Hotel is the premier address at Sunday River and offers sweeping views out across the valley. The property lies at the base of the resort's Jordan Bowl area, and is just two miles from the award-winning Sunday River Golf Club. The hotel offers 187 guest rooms ranging in size from standard rooms with two queen beds to three-bedroom suites.  After visiting, many guests make the Jordan Hotel their second home with quarter-share ownership options. While operating as one of the largest and most successful hotels in the northern New England, the Jordan Hotel saw the opportunity to increase their profitability by reducing operating costs. Alodyne offered the Jordan Hotel a better alternative to owning their own heating equipment by providing access to the world’s best equipment, engineering, and monitoring for a simple monthly fee.

The Big Story

As with all of our customers, the operation, maintenance, service, engineering, and financial costs of this installation were all internalized by Alodyne. We in turn deliver heat at a reliable price during the term of heat generation contract. The Jordan Hotel will bear no maintenance costs throughout the term of the contract, simply paying for the fuel that they use (plus a negotiated price per heat unit). Alodyne owns and is responsible for the equipment.
The Big Story

Key benefits of the installation included

Energy efficiency, dependability and longevity. Ultimately, the Jordan Hotel had the peace of mind of knowing that Alodyne is always monitoring their energy plant.


Alodyne chose to work with Viessmann on the project as they have a strong reputation internationally, and have a widely available selection of equipment. As efficiency, reliability, and strong customer service are mandatory in our business, we felt that Viessmann was up to the task of delivering on these three key components.

Alodyne found that the Viessmann VD2-950 was the best solution for the Jordan Hotel, because of its compact size, top-class efficiency, high turndown ratio, and superior performance and reliability. Alodyne was able to offer a smooth installation and commissioning to bring the project online mid-winter, during one of the busiest months of the year for Sunday River.

Viessmann was able to offer an improved solution for Phase II, that was not previously available. The CA3-4.0 high-mass condensing boiler, offers up to 4 MMBtu of heating capacity, low emissions, quiet operation, and a 15:1 modulation range. The larger water content extends burner run time and reduces cycling, for increased efficiency.

Installation Details

In Phase I, the Viessmann VD2-950 was installed as the centerpiece of a revised heating system, and operates as the lead boiler. It replaced one of four 4.6 MMBtu cast-iron boilers and is projected to meet more than 90% of the annual heat demand for the facility.

Phase II further improved performance by transitioning the VD2-950 to peak loads, capitalizing on the Viessmann CA3-4.0's higher efficiencies to take over the full heating demand, and reduced heat loss and energy use by removing the three remaining HB Smith boilers, associated pumps and piping.
Installation Details


For more information, please visit the Viessmann website to download the project case study:
Projected Annual Fuel Savings
Phase I - Approx. 65,000 Gallons of Propane Annually (27% Reduction)
Phase II - Approx. 32,000 Gallons of Propane Annually (12% Reduction)
Projected Annual CO2 Reduction
Phase I - 410 Tons
Phase II - 153 Tons
Fuel Savings (Actual)
Phase I - (First Year) Jan - Dec 2014 - 95,811 gallons
Phase II - (First Month) Apr 2017 - 6,821 gallons
CO2 Savings (Actual)
Phase I (First Year) 556 Tons
Phase II (First Month) 40 Tons
Project Year
Phase I - 2014
Phase II - 2017
One Viessmann Vitorond 200 VD2-950, propane fired 950 kW boiler.
One Viessmann Vitocrossal 300 CA3-4.0 propane fired 979 kW boiler.

Metering set to remotely monitor propane consumption, heat generation, and other data points for safety and fine-tuning efficiency
Rated Input
Phase I - VD2-950 - 3,860 MBH / 1,130 kW
Phase II - CA3-4.0 - 4,000 MBH / 1,172 kW
Project Engineer
Alodyne, LLC

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