Alodyne is a Maine-based company that provides your business with access to newer, safer, and more reliable heating equipment in a simple, cost-effective way.


Our roots in energy come from the founders of German energy services company, favis GmbH, an energy management company located in Essen. Since 2003, favis has supplied some of Germany’s most prominent businesses and institutions with distributed generation and energy management solutions. Clients include Atlas Copco, the Maritim Hotel Group, and the Alfred Krupp Hospital.

Alodyne has taken the favis model and brought it to Maine, where institutions struggle to save on heat through winters longer and colder than those in most of the rest of the world. Our CEO, Jeffrey Packard, knows our state well. He is a longtime resident of Portland, is active on the boards of Portland’s Downtown District and the Portland Chamber Music Festival, and is a member of the Energy Action Team of Mobilize Maine. Our local clients include the Jordan Hotel and Grand Summit at Sunday River and Gould Academy in Bethel. Working under federal and state mandates to lower energy costs, Alodyne implements best practices learned by our favis partners to deftly navigate the complex permitting, engineering, installation, and financing of its high-efficiency equipment. Through this, we achieve tangible reductions in fuel use and costs, ridding you of the headache and personnel expense of patching failing equipment, year after year, just to get by.


We truly care about energy efficiency and its effect on our economy, environment, and community. That’s why the name of our company is Alodyne: a combination of the Latin word “alo” and the Greek word “dyne” which together means “sustainable energy”. At Alodyne, we like to think of everything we do as our way of earning that name.