Investing in your sustainability

Saving money on your facility's energy bill has never been easier. Alodyne partners with large facilities to reduce their costs through on-site generation of heat and electricity.

Our customers will realize significant annual energy cost savings, typically with little or no upfront capital costs. Together with our customers, we share the common interest of increasing efficiency, as both Alodyne and the customer save when efficiencies increase.

Alodyne saves you money using one of two approaches: installing a CHP unit or right-sized heating equipment. A Combined Heat and Power (CHP) unit uses the existing fuel lines and infrastructure in your facility to generate electricity and capture the heat that is created through generation. One box, about the size of your current equipment and installed in your boiler room, will supplement your electricity and heating needs at levels of efficiency far exceeding your current system. Think of it as a more fuel-efficient car: you're paying the same price per gallon for gas, just using a lot less of it to get the same job done.

The same is true for installing more energy efficient heating equipment. By selecting the best equipment from a range of manufacturers and models, we specifically tailor each application to dramatically reduce your heating costs.

Both methods begin with an internal ASHRAE Level 1 energy audit conducted on the host facility to determine its eligibility for partnership.

Once an eligible partner has been found, our team of engineers will further analyze the energetic and financial implications of a project and the results of our findings will be presented to our partner for approval. Systems are typically operational within three to six months, after which a large portion of heat (and electricity, in the case of CHP) load will be delivered to our customer by Alodyne instead of through existing sources.

Our customers pay much less for energy delivered by Alodyne, with typical projects seeing a savings of $10,000 to $100,000 per year, as well as a substantial reduction in their associated greenhouse gasses.

This is all made possible with our unique blend of expertise in the engineering, legal, real estate, and financial fields. Put our expertise to work and start increasing your bottom line today: we're always looking for new partners in sustainability, and hope to hear from you soon.

Alodyne. Your very local source for efficient energy.

Step, 1, 2 & 3

Step One:

Alodyne performs an internal ASHRAE Level 1 energy audit.

Step Two:

Facility and climate data are analyzed to find eligible energy partners.

Step Three:

Alodyne designs, finances, installs, and operates the new equipment; you start paying less for your heat and electricity.